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Compostable Mailers

These compostable, cornstarch mailers are biodegradable, strong and waterproof. Great for shipping and partly made from plants.


The original - a certified compostable, fully biodegradable mailing satchel partly made from cornstarch.

We've produced over 250 million of these bags and are super-confident in their ability to do the job of protecting your goods! We also guarantee their quality.
A flat bag (i.e. no gusset, but some stretch) with a matt finish and printed graphics as per customer requirements.

• PROTECTION Waterproof, tough & durable (tear resistant with some stretch)

• LABELLING Labels will stick to these bags* and the lighter colors can be written on with a permanent marker.

• RE-USE 'Cut here to reuse' instructions can be printed along the seal if needed. Making customer returns much easier and cutting down on more wasted packaging

• SIZES & SEALS Seal with a fold-over flap and a peel-and-seal adhesive strip.

• SHELF LIFE The shelf life is 10 months. We recommend you buy for a maximum 6-month usage period. *We do extensive QA testing with our own labels and others, but can't guarantee that ALL labels will stick to these mailers.

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Biodegradable and Compostable Mailing Bags


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Verified Amazon Review

“ I absolutely LOVE these compostable Mailers. Better Packaging truly makes you feel better, and they are just so beautiful! I’ve been using these envelopes to ship around the world. They are unpadded and feel thin, but they are sturdy; they’ve taken the contents all safely to their destinations.

I did an experiment to test the biodegradability. I took one of the envelopes, cut it into pieces, and buried them in a flower pot outside. They broke down and became part of the soil. And the great part is that it’s a harmless process; nothing toxic is produced. It’s supposed to take about 120 days, but it only took a little over 60 days since I cut it up and had the flower pot in direct sunlight.

They are made from cornstarch and PBAT.

It’s recommended to only store the envelopes 9-12 months. But, I have stored them longer. They start to feel a little more flimsy, but still no problems sending stuff in them.

A white powder may form on them in storage, but it just wipes off easily and they look good as new.”



Carrolina Barretto
Verified Review

“The seams seem sturdy and the adhesion is great. Love that it’s compostable and that you can have space to cut it so the product doesn’t get damaged during the opening, as well as reuse it afterwards. Great for the planet and great for my customers. My customer is a friend so I’ll be checking in with her once it arrives on how well it made the trip, but so far I’m very happy and will be reordering when I need more, as well as getting a bigger size for mailing multiple shirts or a hoodie.”

Carolina Barreto


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